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  2. Alison Wilson

    Chris, you are in our prayers everyday. We lift you up and ask for the best results for this journey you are going through. We know that even in the dark days, God never abandons us and has His best plan for us, even if we don’t always see it. Keep up the blog so we can know how to pray for you.

  3. Katie (Breen) Johnson

    Chris, I heard the news recently from friends at Grace. I was so happy to get your blog and hear this good news! Continuing to pray for you and your family. When I heard the news I was instantly flooded with old memories of all of our times together. I am grateful for your friendship that carries me through some tough times in life. You are an amazing person and the way you are reaching out to God during those time is a testament to the man you have become. Much love and prayers, Katie (Breen) Johnson

  4. mshp jonas

    We are praying for you daily. Proud of your reframe of this as an opportunity for faith-building. Strengthened by you all. Xo to the Scherf 6. 🙂

  5. Sue Jones

    Chris, I rejoice in this good news . We are praying for you and your sweet family.
    It is clear that you are clinging to God the Father through this and growing your faith. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

  6. Teri H. Horsley

    Chris, We praying for you from Central Asia and thanking our gracious God for this good news! We continue to lift you up, asking God for healing and trusting Him to grant you His peace as never before with each day you face!

  7. Anonymous

    Chris, your devotion to Jesus Christ to deepen your faith and dependence on Him has been such an inspiration . May God continue to do this good work in you and draw you closer to his will. I pray for you and your family daily for healing and strength. Thank you Lord for this encouragement. We ask for the biopsy to come back with even more encouraging news.

  8. Erika Fiedler Brown

    This is a great step in the direction we are all praying for. The fight is on but the great physician is on your case. Praying for complete healing!

  9. Sara Baugh

    Chris, I am praising God for this wonderful news!
    I continue to pray for you, Sarah, and your children on your journey for complete healing. God bless you and keep you in His loving arms.

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for your humble, sweet spirit as you have updated us with this awesome news. We continue to lift you and your familyup to our great God ! who is so powerful has so much mercy and loves you deeply.
    Your family is in our prayers daily , continue to fight the good fight Chris!
    Love Karen and Rod Griffon

  11. Jeanne Dean

    Praise the Lord for His faithful presence! We are praying for you daily that you would be feel His healing hand upon you and give you peace.

  12. Ashley Hunt

    I am so grateful for this good news! We will continue praying for your family and will now ask for clarity and wisdom for the Harvard specialist. Much love to the sweet Scherfs!

  13. Eric Griffon

    Constant prayer for you, Sarah & your family brother! So proud of your response to cling all the more tightly to Christ through this.

  14. Karen Covington

    Praise God for the good news! I have been praying for you every morning….that you would be healed and that you would feel God’s presence and peace in abundance. I have also been praying for your sweet family. Continued prayers for healing and more good news. You are an inspiration.

  15. Jeannie Whitlock

    YES, Lord, yeah!! We’ve been praying so fiercely for your healing, for peace and provision for your whole beloved family, but man, I’ve been convicted of how small my faith is through the process. Lord, I see Your creation and I know that You created it all; why is it so hard to grasp Your recreating, healing power too? Conquer the timidity of my faith. Thank you, Chris and Sarah, for sharing the highs and lows of this journey. You are blessing us by exploding the limits of our vision. We’re seeing His work in you both and it’s helping us know Him more deeply.
    Love from Korea,
    Jeannie and Matthew

  16. Gerald McDermott

    Chris, I think of the blind man in the gospels whom Jesus prayed for more than once. After the first prayer he said he saw men but “as trees walking.” Then after the second prayer he saw clearly.

    God is working on you in stages. Hurrah!!

    Gerry (and Jean)

  17. Anonymous

    Chris, we’ve been praying for you in Alaska. I’m so glad to hear this encouraging news. We will continue to pray for you and your family and await your updates.
    Love, Rob and Crystal and kids

  18. Duski

    Thank you for choosing to see Jesus as more precious. Your choice gives me more faith and more courage to believe and see Him as more precious in my own sufferings and worst case scenario fears. I am SO grateful for this news and have just been rejoicing and thanking the Father for His kindness since I heard from Sarah. Love you guys! Continuing to pray as you walk this hard cancer journey.

  19. Powers Laurie Rogers

    God is shining in your testimony, Chris!!! We give him so much glory and praise over this news. I’m getting together with your mom tomorrow (Thursday) to pray for you and your family.

    Love from the Powers!

  20. Betsy Rogers

    Praise God for this news. I have been praying and will continue to pray for healing and pray for your sweet family.
    Betsy Rogers

  21. John Wilson

    What wonderful news! Thank you, Chris, for sharing it with us. Wendy & I will continue to be praying for you & Sarah and the kids as we await word about the Harvard specialist’s assessment. Praise God.

  22. Emily Ganzer

    So glad for the hopeful news! Praying for you all daily – in the everyday tasks and relationships and in the big questions and plans.

  23. Jonathan and Dawn Barber

    We have been praying for you daily, often many times throughout the day…for God’s grace and mercy in these dark and uncertain times. We have also been praying that your faith in the God of heaven and earth to whom we give ascent, would be pressed deep into your life. And that your walk might be used by our Father to strengthen and encourage all who watch your journey. Thank you for being used to challenge and strengthen our faith in our Heavenly Father. We will continue to pray for you and Sarah.

  24. Ann Jett

    Such hopeful news! As I prayed for you today I got an overwhelming feeling that God wanted Jesse, Ruthi, Andrew and Mary to grow up with you as their very present Father and Sarah’s husband. Y’all are continually in my prayers.

  25. Cory Whitehead

    Oh, Jesus, thank you. Jesus, we ask you to bring Chris to full healing. Thank you for this encouraging information today and lead them to know the best path of treatment soon. Please lift up the Scherfs for what you have for them in this season of life–give them joy, peace, patience through this and fill every need. And prepare them for their next season together. Lord, draw us all nearer to you through this.

  26. Mary Baldwin

    AUGH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    I am SO excited by this good news – prayers have been answered! Prayers that you be referred to good doctors and that the Holy Spirit will filled with wisdom to guide them in their treatment. And I started doing gastric ca research and found there were more tumors than adenocarcinomas – GIST felt like something that I could ask for for you. Praise the Lord – He is with us. And you have been such encouragement. Prayers will continue among the CH’ville/Shenandoah Valley prayer groups – for wisdom for the pathologist at Harvard and that this turns out to be a GIST. Prayers for daily manna for you, Sarah and your children.
    Much love,

  27. Antonio and Lori Carballo

    Praise God for the initial good news! We’ve been praying for you all day. You’re not going through this alone. Continued prayers for you and your family. We love you.


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